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Our Mission Statement

As Wirral’s number 1 family health club, we strive for a warm and welcoming environment to suit the individual, group or family. Fitness should be fun, don’t train crazy, train right. Our team provides a safe and respectful health club for you to have fun, see results and become part of something SPECIAL!

Cardio Classes Ran by Trained Experts

Cardio Classes

Gravity Health Club is a known for it's intense cardio based classes. Whether it's our Kombat class, Powerstep or Ride, you'll be sure to find something that can push you to your limit and take your fitness to the next level.

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Led by Experts in Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness Classes

Functional Fitness classes are extremely popular at Gravity. With the rise in popularity of combat sports, CrossFit and intense multi-joint training, our classes can help you build a strong foundation for your future fitness goals.

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Ran by Experts in Weightlifting & Strength

Weight Lifting

Looking to build muscle, gain strength, improve mobility or just get a great pump? The weightlifting classes offered at Gravity are suitable for all fitness levels. Adjustable weights & rep schemes will help you achieve your target.

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