A Personal Favourite at Gravity Health Club

Our ‘Kombat’ Class

45-60 Minute Class

This class runs for approximately 45-60 minutes. Trust us, that’s more than enough time to get in a great workout.

Up To 700cals Burned

Using heart rate monitors on a mixture of our regular members, we are away of how many calories can be burned in each session.

Led by Trained Professionals

The team at Gravity are a combination of highly qualified instructors and personal trainers, who can lead a great class. Meet The Team.

What to expect from our 'Kombat' class

This class is designed to push your cardiovascular system to its limit and break through barriers.

You will be shown through a series of exciting close combat moves, which the class will then all follow together in time to the beat of an awesome soundtrack. It’s loud & sweaty, you’ll love it.

Come and join the crazy atmosphere for 30 minutes of madness.

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If this class isn't for you, maybe these ones are

30/45/60 Minute Classes


Gravity’s ultimate fat burner! A high tempo & exciting version of indoor cycling. With the help of loud music and our enthusiastic coaches, you will be more focused and determined than ever before. Come and join Gravity for this great session.

Fitness Level: All Abilities

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Great Entry Level Step Class!


Probably our most diverse class, finding the balance between good aerobic fitness and light-weight conditioning. Perfect for anyone who has spent a while away from the gym and needs to build their fitness and confidence back up.

Fitness Level: All Abilities

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