A Taxing Class from Gravity Health Club

Our ‘Kettlebell & Core’ Class

45-60 Minute Class

This class runs for approximately 45-60 minutes. Trust us, that’s more than enough time to get in a great workout.

Up To 500cals Burned

Using heart rate monitors on a mixture of our regular members, we are away of how many calories can be burned in each session.

Led by Trained Professionals

The team at Gravity are a combination of highly qualified instructors and personal trainers, who can lead a great class. Meet The Team.

What to expect from our 'Kettlebell & Core' class

A difficult class both in terms of technique, and intensity. Don’t let that put you off.

One of our more technique focused classes. Our instructors focus on coaching you through various movements that can be achieved with a variety of different weighted kettlebells. We hope you gain the knowledge and confidence to implement the use of a kettlebell into your own workouts, whilst also making sure you walk out of the class feeling like you’ve received a good hard workout.

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