The Gravitational Pull

Meet Our Team

Why are you here? Because you want results and you’ve come to the Team that can help you reach your goals.

Our Team has years of experience and  a proven track record in a zero fuss, results driven environment. Not only do we listen, we understand.

With our guidance you will excel. Contact our Team below and take a step closer in bringing your dreams to life.


Group Coaching

Jen is a fully qualified fitness coach specialising in group coaching. Jen often leads our PiYO class and loves leading 1-1 PT Sessions focusing on flexibility and mobility. Jen is a true professional at her job and is always up for a chat & a tough workout.


Family Programs/Boxing Coach

Jimmy is a fully qualified boxing coach & Level 3 Personal Trainer. He is our resident 'pad-man' here at Gravity.

His main passion with over 20 years experience of working with disaffected families in the North West is making exercise inclusive for the whole family. He takes a holistic approach to exercise ensuring it's fun for everyone.


Group Coaching

As well as a level 3 personal trainer, Sam is our resident smiler. You can always find him around the gym chatting to our members offering great advice and general chat. Sam loves focusing on contact sports, conditioning & group coaching.


Conditioning Coach

Dan is a qualified fitness coach working with our members to improve their cardiovascular and conditioning ability. Dan specialises in functional training, and as an experienced gymnast, understands the importance of bodyweight control & strength.


Conditioning Coach

Sean is a qualified level 3 personal trainer, focusing on strength and combat training. As a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do Sean is able to provide training on building a great foundation for your future and present fitness goals.


Conditioning Coach

Mike is a semi-professional footballer working at Gravity to help members improve their conditioning and cardiovascular ability.He is a level 3 personal trainer who loves a good boogie.



John is a level 3 personal trainer working with our members to help rehabilitate them and regain strength. He has over 20 years industry experience and loves a good cup of tea.


Group Coach

Matty is a level 3 personal trainer with a great, varied work experience resume within the fitness industry. Matty is a group trainer specialist, who can motivate a group of any size!